1. 3 photos from Where Next? will be on show at Float Art 2014 at the Bargehouse on the Thames South Bank in London. 24th to the 28th September, as listed on the poster.

    A surprise, but a good opportunity that’s really tested my ability to keep my head under pressure. I think I’m almost ready. My experience with exhibitions is… zero. Haha.


  2. Apologies for the slow in photos, I’ve been busy.

    I officially graduate university next week, last week was a degree show that was blessed with the most humid weather one could ask for, and so! I’m just in a short cool down period.

    This book was my main product of my final year, and was on show last week. I’ll likely post a few photos of it, as I did have a few prints up and I’ll be throwing these photos at anyone who cares to look.

    Blurb is expensive, sorry. I’m currently looking into cheaper production methods of books, though with Blurb, I might produce a pocketbook edition of this book with the cheapest paper they offer while I source another method. I feel like my book deserves to look a bit battered and worn, seeing how it’s about a journey and nothing comes out of a journey looking perfect.

    On that final thought, I’m going to look into learning how to bind my own books while I try to get a job that pays. It’s all well and good being told Don’t work for free! but alas, it’s the most effective way to build experience and credibility in the field. I just pictured myself in the middle of an empty field… That might be a fitting analogy to how I’m feeling right now. People aren’t going to come if you just wait around.

    Regular photos will be publishing again from next week. Thanks for following.